Virtualization of spaces and processes

19/04/2021 eFM

eFM has developed a solution for the virtualization of Real Estate capable to record the layout of the interior spaces, the dislocation of the systems and the conditions in which they live in the various phases of the property's life.

This information can then be viewed at any time both via the web and the app through an immersive view in 360° mode.

The solution, which can be used during construction, in the restyling phases or during any inspection activity of a property, can then be integrated with a property management system, such as ARCHIBUS, allowing to manage processes in an optimized way, to simplify the future management and to provide users with an intuitive and holistic view of the building; simplifies management and provides users with an immediate view of the quality of services provided by suppliers.

Having a real photograph of the state of the assets in a given time and integrating it with the real estate management system allows you to:

  • Facilitate the control of the progress of the work even remotely
  • Simplify future maintenance and renovation activities
  • Increase the responsibility of suppliers
  • Simplify the communication process between users and information sharing through automated workflows
  • Reduce the effort dedicated to survey and inspection activities

All the actors involved in the real estate processes can thus easily take advantage of the information in the different phases of the process and carry out the interventions aimed at improving the conservation status by activating the processes necessary to increase the value of the real estate assets.

The main features of the application are:

Planning of major inspections

  • Reception and creation of inspection activities
  • View the calendar of activities
  • Display of the floor plan of the floor under inspection

Virtual Tour acquisition

  • Calendar management of inspection activities
  • Definition and display of image capture points
  • Acquisition of spherical images
  • Support grid for correct acquisition
  • Real Time sharing of the state of affairs
  • Instant sharing of activities carried out with the process owners and the various stakeholders
  • Way Founding

Recording of criticalities

  • Insertion and registration of criticalities detected on the state of the property
  • Ability to attach / access documents, insert images, texts, links
  • Identify corrective actions, analyze the progress of resolutions

Property Life Cycle Monitoring (historicization)

  • Visualization of the Virtual Tours carried out over time
  • Editing and management of Virtual Tours
  • Review of the Virtual Tour
  • Easy access to analysis reports for decision support

Monitoring of maintenance and cleaning services

  • Viewing the cleaning service calendar
  • Monitoring of the status of activities and remote verification
  • Identify corrective actions
  • Analyze progress of resolutions

Whether the solution is acquired on cloud (SaaS technological mode - software as a services) or in house (On Premise mode), it allows, at all moments of the life cycle of a property, to create, view and interact with immersive images of the real estate reality to explore the environments and their real state of affairs and to be able to manage them thanks to the integration with the real estate management system, obtaining a reduction in management costs and inspections and appraisals up to 30%.